How To Feel Confident In Swimwear As A Plus Size Girl*

If you had asked me a few years ago or even a couple of months ago what my favourite season was, I’d always say autumn/winter. I’d tell people how much I loved jumpers and Christmas, but it was actually my favourite time of year because it meant I could cover up in big layers and no one would know what I actually looked like.

As a child, I was always very slim especially as I did 3/4 dance classes a week so I never even gave my weight a second thought. Fast forward to my late teens and the weight seemed to pile on rapidly. I mean, I could just look at a slice of pizza and I gained 5 pounds. Within a few months, I had leaped from a tiny size 8 to all of a sudden being able to shop in plus size ranges.

I never thought I would be able to enjoy summer again, the thought of wearing a crop top or shorts literally terrified me. If someone told 16 year old Katie that at the age of 22 and size 16, she’d be not only wearing a bikini but also sharing it with the world, she would have laughed in your face. Learning to love my body has been an extremely hard journey for me, and it will always be ongoing. However, 2019 is the year that I have decided to bare all and give my insecurities the middle finger. I’m making this the year for embracing and celebrating imperfections!


Swimwear can be extremely daunting if you’re not confident with your body, trust me, I’ve been there. I’m guilty of scrolling through online shops and thinking “If only I was skinny enough to wear that” but that’s when I quickly remind myself that every body is a beach body. Of course, we all preferably want to wear something that sucks us in a bit so we don’t feel like a lump. That’s why choosing the right swimwear for your body can make all the difference to your confidence.

After searching high and low for the perfect swimwear, I came across Belle Lingerie. Their inclusivity instantly caught my eye so I knew they were the right brand for me. They offer beautiful lingerie and swimwear at affordable prices, including popular brands such as Curvy Kate, Pour Moi and Freya Lingerie. Their sizes range from UK 6 – 46 and cup sizes AA – K, so no matter what shape or size you are, there’s something for everyone!

As I said earlier, I never thought I’d see the day I ever braved a bikini again but here we are! I knew a regular bikini wasn’t for me (maybe we’ll let the muffin top hang out eventually) but for now, the most flattering style for me is definitely high-waist and tummy control! If you carry a lot of weight on your stomach like me, then this bikini is definitely for you:

Pour Moi High-Waist bikinI*

This Pour Moi bikini is the perfect piece for hiding those love handles and sucking in that muffin top! The top and bottoms are sold separately which gives you the freedom to mix and match if you’d prefer. Both pieces are from their Getaway range and they come in various colours (definitely buying the yellow set as soon as I’ve finished writing this!)

One of the best things about this swimwear was being able to choose my bra size for the top instead of dress size because as I’ve gained weight and my body has grown, unfortunately my boobs didn’t get the memo…

This set is definitely true to size (I’m wearing size 16 in bottoms) and it’s so comfy! Although it’s sucking you in, don’t worry, you can still breathe. The straps are adjustable and fits like a normal underwired bra so you’ll have full support!

Pour moi getaway underwired balcony bikini top

pour moi getaway control bikini brief

However, a bikini isn’t for everyone so if you’re not quite ready to step out of your comfort zone or just simply prefer a one piece, this next swimsuit will be right up your street:

Seaspray plunge swimsuit*

For girls on the curvier side, this SeaSpray swimsuit is the way forward! The halter neck is so flattering and has adjustable ties (perfect if you’re lacking in the chest department like myself). This swimsuit is non-wired and for extra comfort, it is lightly padded which provides great shape and support. My favourite part of this one piece is the detailing around the waist, which also provides tummy control by sucking you in and creating a smooth figure.

The plunge neckline adds a feminine and sexy element to this simple yet stunning swimsuit! I chose white as I thought it would look amazing with a tan, but if you’re not into white, this piece also comes in black which is equally as gorgeous!

seaspray just colour plain plunge swimsuit

So if you’re someone to shy away from swimwear because you’re worried you won’t look good in it, I hope this gives you a little inspiration and a reminder that none of us look perfect! We’d all love to look in the mirror and see a toned, perfectly proportioned body but until that day comes… Let’s celebrate our curves and give two fingers to anyone that says otherwise!

Once you take the jump and find swimwear you feel comfortable and confident in, you’ll never look back… you’ll only wish you had done it sooner! So to all my curvy sisters, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!

Shop Belle Lingerie’s Holiday Collection:

Remember that YOU are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated! Here’s to the best summer yet!

Lots of love

Katie-Marie xx

*all swimwear was kindly gifted by Belle Lingerie – all opinions are my own!


2 thoughts on “How To Feel Confident In Swimwear As A Plus Size Girl*

  1. You look fabulous girl! Such a massive inspiration! 3 years ago I was a size 8/10 and now I’m a 14/16 and I lost so much confidence but you’re so right – every body is a beach body! Why should it bloody matter? Great read xx


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